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How to Apply for ST Certificate in Tripura or in Other states?

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ST Certificate is a proof of a citizen that they belongs to Schedule Tribe. This certificate are issued on Tribal Welfare Section under the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of District. 

ST certificate is an important documents for each and every individual in India but you cannot apply for ST certificate online in all states.

There are two way to apply for ST Certificate 1)Offline and 2)Online.

Let’s see How to apply for ST Certificate in offline?

1) Process for Apply offline for ST Certificate:

At first, in order to apply for ST certificate offline you need to have a ST Certificate application form. If don't have, download and print out. Now let's see how to fill up the forms below.

Form Headings


The Sub-Divisional Magistrate (“Sub-Division” name, “District” name where you live in, “State”).

Applicant’s Personal Details:

  1. Tick the applicant's Salutations.
  2. Write Applicant's name(such as First Name, Middle Name, Last Name).
  3. Tick the Guardian's salutations.
  4. Write the Guardian's name (such as First Name, Middle Name, Last Name).
  5. Tick the Relation with the Guardian (this relation is between of Guardian and Applicant).
  6. Write the Applicant's Date of Birth (in DD/MM/YYYY format).
  7. Tick the Applicant's Gender (such as Male, Female, Transgender).
  8. Tick the Marital Status of Applicant.
  9. Tick the Applicant's Caste.
  10. Tick the Applican's Religion.
  11. Tick the Applicant's Qualifications.
  12. Tick the Applicant's Economic Status (such as APL, BPL).
  13. Write the Applicant's Aadhaar Number.
Applicant's Address Details:
  1. Write the name of District (where Applicant live in).
  2. Write the name of Sub Division (where Applicant live in).
  3. Tick on the Location Type (such as Block, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayat etc. etc where Applicant live in).
  4. Write the name of Block/Municipal Corporation/Municipality/Nagar Panchayat/ADC (where Applicant live in).
  5. Write the name of Gram Panchayat/Ward/Village Council (where Applicant live in).
  6. Write the name of Habitation/Area Name/House No (where Applicant live in).
  7. Write the name of Tehsil (of the Area).
  8. Write the name of Police Station.
  9. Write the name of Post Office and PIN Code (of the Area).
Applicant's Contact Details:
  1. Write the Applicant's Mobile Number.
  2. Write the Applicant's Email ID.
Service Specific Information:
  1. Write the ST Community: YES
  2. Tick the Service Output Type: Hard Copy
See the next the Eligibility documents list and Tick which you have. Now go to your nearest Tehsil Office and sign this application form. Then you have to go to the Tribal Welfare Section Office and submit the form. They will give you a token number after submission. It may take 7 to 14 days for your certificate to be ready.

2) Process for Apply online for ST Certificate:
In order to apply online for ST Certificate, visit your state eDistrict service portal. In this tutorial im telling you about Tripura eDistrict Portal. Now follow the steps below to apply online for ST Certificate.
  1. First visit eDistrict Portal website.
  2. Tap on "Login" button on the top right corner.
  3. On login popup, click on "Don't have an account? Register FREE" than follow the process and create an account.

  4. Now login to Dashboard and click on "Apply for services" than click on "View all available services".
  5. Search for "ST Certificate" on the right side search box. Now you will see "ST Certificate" option.
  6. Click on this than the application will open. Now fill up the form carefully and than submit.

Required Documents for ST Certificates:

  1. Family Ration Card.
  2. Permanent Resident Certificate of State.
  3. Age Proof (such as Birth Certificate, School Certificate, Madhyamik Admit Card).
  4. Father / Mother / Brother / Sister's Caste Certificate (Optional).
  5. Register of Ordinary Residents (ROR) Certificate.
  6. Aadhaar Card.
  7. PAN Card (in case of above 18 year).
  8. Voter ID card (in case of above 18 year).

Thanks for reading How to Apply for ST Certificate in Tripura or in Other states?

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