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How to become Self Employed at Home? Step by Step Guide

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Have you ever thought that you can make money online? I can't say it a job but there are more opportunities than job. Where you will have your own office. And you can work whenever you want.
Become self employed at home | Diku Technical

Whether it is sunny or rainy, you don't have to go anywhere, you can work from home. If you don't know, read these well and understand. This is very important for everyone.

In this tutorial you will learn How to become Self-employed at Home just working online? Here we will discuss five platforms where you can make lifetime income just by working from home. This allows you to work part-time or full-time, depending on your preference.

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Look guys, in the current situation it is better not to think about the job. In this present situation, if you are just hoping for a job, you can never move your life towards the future. There are many ways to become rich in life, not just jobs. So let's see.

1) BLOG:
Blogging | Diku Technical

What is Blog?

A blog is a website through which we share various types of information, descriptions, thoughts, ideas on the internet according to our knowledge. There's two part in Blogs 1)Blogger/Writer and 2)Visitor/ReaderThe person who runs the blog website is called a blogger and The person who visit your blog website and read the content you share is called a Visitor or Reader.

What is the benefit of Blog?

If you loves to teach something others and wants to learn something new, blogging can be a platform that. The blogging is not only for teach to others, you can also learn something new about the topic. You have to learn because you always need advance knowledge to teach your readers. And when your blog has enough visitors, you can earn money by placing advertisements on your blog and through affiliate marketing.

How to start a Blog?

There is too many Blogging platform to create a blog but if you are creating a blog for first time then i will recommend Blogger. If you are creating a blog for the first time, I would recommend you to start with Blogger. Because Blogger is a free open source platform where you can create blogs for free. To create your own blog for free with Blogger, See full details here

How to Earn money from Blog?

You need to connect your blog with Google AdSense when your blog gets enough visitors (Min 50 - 100 per day) and when your website is approved, you can earn money by placing advertisements on your blog. And if you want, you can add more affiliate links like Amazon, Flipkart and many more. It will also increase your revenue. And you can also make extra income by sponsoring other's products and services. In this case you don't need to go anywhere.

2) YouTube:

Create Youtube Channel | Diku Technical

What is YouTube?
YouTube is a video sharing platform which allow every Google users to share their own video in world wide and watch others videos. There's also two part in YouTube like blog 1)Creator and 2)Viewers

How to create YouTube channel?
To create a new YouTube channel follow the steps below
  1. Now click on "Create a new channel"
  2. Now enter your Channel name or Brand name than click on "Create" button.
  3. Now your new YouTube channel has been created.

How to Earn money from YouTube channel?
A YouTube channel introduce you about your talents that what kind of person you are and what talent you have. The more talent you put into making videos, the more viewers will become interested in your videos. When your channel reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time then Google will start showing advertisement in your videos and then you will start earning money from those advertisements. You can also earn extra income by promoting other's  channels, product or services and placing affiliate links.

3) Quora:

Create Quora Spaces | Diku Technical

What is Quora?
Quora is a free open source Question and Answer's platform where some people ask their questions and some people give the question's answer and some people post contents. Mostly Quora used for question and answer.

How to Earn money from Quora?
It is simple to start Earning money from Quora. Just follow the simple steps below to start earning money in Quora.
  1. First visit
  2. Create an account
  3. Complete your profiles
  4. Now click on "Space" than "See All Spaces" option.

  5. After clicking on "See All Spaces" you will see there two option i)Create a Space and ii)Discover Spaces
  6. Now click on "Create a Space".

  7. Now enter your Space/Page name and Description than click on "Done"

  8. Congratulations! Now you have created your Space/Page in Quora. Now it's time to start earning. To start earning...
  9. Share your Spaces/Pages links with your audience to follow your spaces.
Now when your spaces get enough follower the Quora team will email you that your Quora Space/Pages are qualified for earning. Before that continue posting quality Post, Answer the questions.

4) Facebook:
Create facebook page | Diku Technical

Everyone knows about Facebook, so it doesn't matter if we don't discuss it. Let's move on to our main topic without discussing these. See how to start earning money from Facebook below
  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Invite your friends to Like and Follow your Facebook pages. Please note you need 10,000 followers to start earning money from Facebook.
  3. If your Page reached 10,000 followers then Go to Facebook Business section and apply for Monitization.
  4. Once your Pages got approved you can start earning money.


Thanks for reading How to become Self Employed at Home? Step by Step Guide

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