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How to create a Membership system in WordPress website?

  DiKu       Monday, July 27, 2020
Want to create a membership system on your WordPress website. Here you can learn how to create a membership system on your WordPress website.
Create membership system in wordpress diku technical

Hello friends, in this topic you can learn about How to create a membership system in a WordPress website. Currently, most of companies have membership system in their website. 

Why create a Membership System on the website?

Because a Membership system allows you to observe and get to know your Customers, easily communicate with them directly, know about their requirements and make them offers about your products and services. It means a complete membership system gives you the opportunity to create an strength environment with the customers.
If you are also thinking of creating a membership system on your website then this is a very good idea.

For whom the Membership System website? 

Anyone can create a Membership System on the website. However,
I want to tell you that the Membership system on the website need to be create when you provide any services to the customer through the website.

For create a Membership system in WordPress website i will recommend "Paid Membership Pro" plugin.

Paid Membership Pro:

Paid Memberships Pro allow you create a beautiful Membership system in your WordPress websites. The Paid Membership Pro plugin is completely designed for Paid and Free version.

Here you can create to many membership levels, where the users can select as they want, and immediately become members of your sites.

Features of Paid Membership Pro:

  1. Create Unlimited of Membership Level
  2. Payments integrate PayPal, Stripe and indian payments Paytm and more.
  3. Frontend user Login and Registration.
  4. Password Recovery
  5. Profile Editing
  6. Account Dashboard
  7. Membership invoice
  8. Restrict Wordpress Dashboard
  9. Restrict Wordpress Toolbars.
And much more features are available in Paid Membership Pro plugin. Now let's go ahead...

Steps to setup Membership system in WordPress website.

To create membership system in your WordPress website follow the steps below
  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to "Plugin" and than "Add New".
  3. Search for "Paid Membership Pro"

  4. Now install the plugins by click on "Install Now" button and than activate the plugins by clicking on "Activate" button.
  5. Now after activating the plugins you will see the "Memberships" option in your dashboard menu.
  6. Now hover the mause and than click on "Dashboard".
    Paid Membership Pro | Diku Technical

  7. Now in order to create Membership system in your WordPress, first you need to create or generate some necessary pages like Account Pages, Billing Information Pages, Cancel Pages, Checkout Pages, Confirmation Pages, Invoice Pages, Levels Pages, Login Pages, Member Profile Edit Pages etc.
    Paid Membership Pro | Diku Technical

I think you are wondering why this page needs to be generated, right? So let's see 

Why should i needs to generate these pages?

Account Pages: On account pages, all your website's members can manage their personal details like Profile editing, Changing password. And also can see their Membership Levels, Billing and Membership Expiration date.
Billing Information Pages: On billing pages, members can manages their memberships payments.
Cancel Pages: On cancel pages, if customer cancel their payments during purchase then they can see the canceled messages on cancel pages.
Checkout Pages: Checkout pages let customer to purchase Membership plan.
Confirmation Pages: Confirmation pages for confirm all the Membership subscriptions and Payments.
Invoice Pages: Invoice pages for handle all the payments reminders or pending payments.
Levels Pages: Levels pages for handle the Membership plans levels.
Member Profile Edit: In this pages, if the members want to edit their personal details, and click on "Edit Profile" button then they will be redirected on this page. That means the pages let customer to edit their profile data.
After generating these pages, Save the settings by clicking on "Save changes".
Paid Membership Pro | Diku Technical

Now let's create Membership Levels or Plans.

To create Membership Levels follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "Paid Membership Pro" dashboard and than click on "Create a Membership Level".

  2. Now enter the levels Name, Description, Confirmation message, Initial Payment, Billing amount, Billing cycle, Member's expiration

    After entering these details save it by clicking on "Save level". Now you have successfully created the Membership plans.
  3. Now to restrict the pages by Membership Plan, first Go to "Pages" you want to restrict and than select Membership plan on the right side and than Save it.
Finally, we have successfully setup Membership system in our WordPress website. You can manage Currency, Payments integration and others settings on the Setting sections.

Thanks for reading How to create a Membership system in WordPress website?

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