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How to fix No Internet Connection error in Redmi (Xiaomi) mobile

  DiKu       Saturday, July 11, 2020
Solution for Redmi/Xiaomi mobile's Data connection error NO INTERNET CONNECTION.
Redmi Diku Technical

Is your Xiaomi mobile phone showing "No Internet Connection" error? If so, then you do not have to worry about it anymore. Now bye to this problems. Before go ahead know the some reason why and when it happen.
Sometimes it happen when we make changes some settings or personalizing in our mobile phone. Most of the time when we turn off the background data of any apps or if for some reason. Because if we turn off the background data of any apps then those apps are no longer connected to the internet even though our mobile internet is on. Now lets see how to fix this problems... 

At first go to "Settings" on your mobile phone and scroll down then you will see the option Connection & Sharing. 
If you are not seeing this option then search it. Now tap on this "Connection & Sharing" option and scroll down again and than you will see the another option "Reset WiFi, Mobile & Bluetooth
Now tap on this "Reset WiFi, Mobile & Bluetooth" option. After tapping on this you will many option as 
1. WiFi 
2. Mobile 
3. Bluetooth 
Here you can reset it One by One as per your requirements, now scroll down the menus then you will see an option to reset Settings. 
Click on the button "Reset Settings" and than a popup will appear, where you have to enter your "Lockscreen" PIN or Pattern or Password as you have set in your devices. Now enter the PIN or Pattern or Password of your devices and than click on next. After clicking Next button the system will ask you to confirm the operations. 
Now in order to reset the Internet connection settings click on "OK" button. 
Now finally we have reset the Data Connection settings in our Redmi mobile.

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