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How to start a Blog in 2020 (and Earn Money) Step by Step Guide

  DiKu       Thursday, July 16, 2020
Hi, Do you want to know that How to start a blog in 2020 and make money? 
If so, then you took the Good decision. 
How to start a blog in 2020 | Diku Technical

By starting a blog you can make passive income which helps you to live your life like a Boss. You can work whenever you want and rest when you want.

Starting a blog for the first time may be difficult but, after reading my articles everyone can easily start a blog. But the only one is you need to have some knowledge and interest to Start a blog in 2020.

Before starting a new blog some of you may be thinking that Why should I start a blog in 2020? If you're thinking so, I would like to tell you that 2020 is the golden opportunity to start a new blog.

Because nowadays blogging going so hard day by day. So if you start blogging today then you have the chances to success it. So start your blog from today because sometimes it become never.

If you start your blog today then there is some benefits for you. 

  • Experience: If you start blogging from today then your experience will become high and you can start writing the good content day by day. 
  • Large Audience: And if you writes the good and helpful content then the viewers or readers will become your fan day by day and your blog's audience will start growing day by day. 
  • Start Earning Money: When your blog start ranking on Google search engine with large number of traffic day by day then you can Start Earning Money by running ads through Google Adsense. And also you can run affiliate marketing links there and earn more income.

So friends, i think you got the idea that why you need to start a blog in 2020. 

So lets get started.. 

Steps 1: Choose the Topics

Choose topics | Diku Technical

Before starting your blogs choose the Topics that you have some knowledge about.

Did you know? most of people are start the blog without any knowledge and after 5 - 6 month they of all are fail. I think most of you are now thinking that How to choose the Topics? Right?

How to choose the Topics?

Choosing the Topic for your blog is easy, just follow this steps below 

  1. Take a Note Book and Pen 
  2. Now write down your Interests or which you have knowledge about (at least 4 – 5 line or more). 
  3. Now look into the list you have wrote in which you have interest and knowledge about. 

Now you are ready to go. 

Steps 2: Choose an Unique Domain for your Blog

Choose unique domain | Diku Technical

Choose an unique domain that the people can easily remember (between 6 - 10 character). Remember your domain name is identity of your blog so try to keep it short. If you already decided a domain name in your mind then skip it. This is only for those who haven't decided the domain name for their blog.

Never do the mistake like me. I have wasted many domain because i don't know how to choose an unique domain at this time. I would like to recommend you that when purchase the domain please choose the TLD domain. TLD domain mean (.COM) or (.IN).

Now where to buy domain?

For purchase the domain i would like to recommend you Cloudmagika where you can buy .COM domain at only for Rs.399/yr.

Coudmagika: Which provide TLD domain at lowest price. Check the offer here.

Steps 3: Choose the Blogging platform

Blogger & WordPress | Diku Technical

There is two platform for blogging 1) Blogger 2) Wordpress

Blogger: Blogger is a free blogging platform where everyone can start blogging without any investment. You will need to pay only for if you want to connect domain.

WordPress: Wordpress is a free open-source platform for create any type of website where you can create any type of website and blog. But in order to create website with Wordpress you have to purchase a Web Hosting plan.

Guys, i want to recommend you that if you do not have enough budgets then start with Blogger which is free ever and forever. 

Steps 4: Choose the Hosting plan

Web hosting is a place for your domain to store different types of content for your website. For example, in order to survive on earth, you need a place. Your domain also needs a web hosting to transmit information from one place to the Internet. 

There are so many web hosting available on the internet if you want to use of these Web Hosting then you can use it as you want but i don't want to recommend it because it worthless. So without any delay i want to recommended you to go with the Interserver

Interserver: Interserver is the best web hosting for new blogger, and honestly there Plans, Support and Service are excellent it’s also not very costly like another web hosting. 

Steps 5: Connect your domain with Hosting 

Now to connect your domain name with Web Hosting follow the steps below 

  • First login into your Hosting dashboard at 
  • Hover your moue on "More" option and than click on "DNS Manager".
  • Now you will see the list of your DNS.
  • Now go to your Cloudmagika dashboard and than click on "Domain". 
  • Now click on 3 dot on the right side than click on "Manage Nameserver".

Now enter the Nameservers than save it. After saving wait for at least 30min but sometime it may take 24hrs. 

Steps 6: Install WordPress

  • Login to Interserver cPanel
  • Go to Softaculous or Scripts and than click on WordPress.
  • Now enter your Website details and Admin login details and than click "Install".
Congratulations! you have successfully installed the WordPress. Now login to your website's Admin dashboard enter your domain name following by wp-admin. For example,


Thanks for reading How to start a Blog in 2020 (and Earn Money) Step by Step Guide

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