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New Cool Gadgets of 2020 Now Available Worldwide

  DiKu       Sunday, August 16, 2020

We have seen some pretty amazing gadgets in the past but many new products often goes unnoticed. So now we will talk about eight new tech gadgets of 2020 that you can find online right now.

Etee VR Controller:

New Cool Gadgets 2020 | Diku Technical

Etee VR Controller is a new way to game. In VR, this device can hook up to virtually any gaming computer and offers completely wireless functionality in all of your favorite VR games.
 Best of all these controllers don't need to interface with your headset they work directly with your computer to ensure maximum compatibility and functionality to hook them up just pair them with your bluetooth enabled computer it's as simple as that once the controllers are paired you can play all of your favorite VR games with ease the controllers work with virtually. 

Every VR title available on steam and offer button free controls. 
You will no longer have to worry about pushing the wrong button or remember complicated button, mapping the controllers map your hand movements and respond accordingly so that all of your movements in real life are mirrored to the VR world. 

This is the absolute best way to play VR and takes your virtual reality immersion to the next level. 
If you're looking to replace your current pair of clunky VR controllers look no further.

Circle Zero:

New Gadgets 2020 | Diku Technical
Circle Zero if you're a cat lover or a cat owner this is the best product you could possibly. Own unlike dogs cats are rarely trained to use the bathroom outdoors instead they often prefer to use a litter box inside of your home while this is fine in most applications it can pose some health risks and is a genuine hassle to clean out frequently, this is where Circle Zero takes over. This is a fully automated litter box that will scoop your cat's droppings without you needing to lift a finger. 

This product was just recently funded on indiegogo and is currently in production. The Circle Zero can detect when your cat enters the box and will react accordingly when droppings are left the Circle Zero will sift through the litter so you don't have to clean litter will fall through the slats of the scoop.

While dirty litter will be filtered out and dumped in the rear of the unit so you could throw it away later, all you need to do is plug in the unit and fill it with your favorite brand of litter then let the device do the rest.

Tittle Light:
Tittle Light | Diku Technical

Tittle Light is a new type of led lamp that would make the perfect addition to any living room, college dorm or children's bedroom.
This light is filled with 512 individual leds that can light up and react to various types of music or be programmed to display patterns that are built into the device's smartphone app. 
The app is able to turn the device on and off, change the color of the leds or display various images or patterns on the leds.

It's a miniature light show inside your home, all you need to do is plug the light into the wall and pair it to your phone and choose what you'd like to display.

There are many patterns or reactive lights to choose so the Tittle Light can easily fit the style of any room in your home. This lamp was recently funded on indiegogo and is available now. If you're tired of boring simple lamps look no further it can add a little spice to your life and a little light to your home.

Print Pods:
Print Pods | Diku Technical

Print Pods is the world's most innovative and impressive portable printer. This tiny device is able to print on virtually any surface, you can print logos on t-shirts, letters, business cards, cell phone cases, mugs and so much more.

This is an all-in-one printing solution that is bound to satisfy any need you may have, all you need to do is pair the print pod to your smartphone through bluetooth you can then use the print pods app to design various logos or text then send those logos to the print pod wirelessly.

You then simply slide the print pod across the device you want to print on and let the technology handle the rest. You no longer have to worry about keeping a large bulky printer in your home. Print Pods can print virtually anything you can imagine on any type of surface and a single canister of ink can last for up to 3500 prints. Print Pods is available now worldwide.

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